Monday, December 20, 2010


12/6 - A walk off the island. Ellen sick in bed, so off went the group, over the bridge off the island to the shopping district across the roads.  First we went through a street Ellen and I had visited in 2008, but then instead of turning left as we did then, we went more or less straight a couple of blocks of a variety of items.  Here is the view that awaited us - the street that shows capitalism alive and well in China.

Part of our group - Shecki pushing stroller, Christenberry family, Yu-Hsuan at far right.

Without Mama to take pictures, very few pictures were taken for my camera was on the fritz as far as photos were to be made but great with video.  Go figure.

Yu-Hsuan, Star, Tian messing around on the plaza.

Did you want us to pose or something?

The next day, 12/7 was left to do paperwork prior to our consulate appointment on 12/8.  12/8 was more waiting and then going to the consulate to affirm for the government that we would raise our children in good faith or something along those lines. That done, we waited for our names to be called and when it was the officer looked over our files, had Star sign something and that was that.

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