Saturday, December 4, 2010


This is a slight chronicle of the life of our daughter, before we met her - her origins.  Where she has been most of her life - what she is leaving.  Where she will go, how her horizons will expand from Gotcha Day, we do not know but as many parents hope for their children, so too, we wish the very best this life has to offer for our daughter - Heng Xin.

In the entrance hall of the orphanage on the left wall baby pictures and there not far from the center was Heng Xin.

Next we moved to the floor above and found the work room where children waiting for their parents who have TA but have yet to come get them were working on various computers and other activities.

Our daughter Heng Xin left, a boy going to Minnesota, and two other boys I don't know.  Our oldest daughter, Tian is in the far back.

Next we went to the offices of the orphanage and Heng Xin's file was pulled for us.  We were given two pictures of her that we did not have both younger than anything previously seen.  The earliest picture:

Heng Xin viewing the box she chose to close
 in effect putting her past behind her.
A powerful moment.

Bed she came back to after the orphanage received notice we had Travel Approval
 to come get her.

Television Room.

Lunch room.

Activity room.

Orphanage staff.


Last views of orphanage.

Happy child.

Courtyard of orphanage.


  1. Wow, Tim. Do I understand that she was basically given a crib to sleep in when she returned to wait for you to get her?

  2. Tim, I have been following your blog closely eventhough I haven't been good about posting. It looks like Star handled the orphanage visit will. I noticed who your guide is. Tell Connie that we say hello.

  3. thanks for sharing this very special time with us.

  4. A hard day for sure! A day of closure and goodbye for Star! SO happy to know that another precious child is going home with her forever family!!!!

  5. What a great chronicle you've put together for her!