Monday, December 27, 2010

Musings along the way

14 Sep 2010

Musing yesterday afternoon of the change about to come for our daughter to be - uprooted, transplanted, asked to thrive.

I weep for her.


Change Coming

Change is coming,
Massive it will be,
Overwhelming magnitude. 

Gone my country, a new country now,
Left the city I have known, what place is this?

Family left, a new one now.
Friends come and gone, who will friend me now?

Now at last one alone - me.
Who am I, where have I gone?

A new identity, finding myself.



Autumn comes,
I see your face.
The miles separate us.
I yearn to hold you.

You do not know me,
I know you from afar.
Your sweetness captured my heart,
Would that we would never part.

We came together from different paths,
Our lives meet, we travel together,
Hand in hand for awhile,
Then we part our separate ways.

You will always be a part of me,
I will always be a part of you.
Though death take me,
I love you my children.



China Callings

A far and distant place,
Land of mystery, grandeur and beauty,
Half a world away,
China calls.

Businessman, teacher, poet;
Musician, artist, diplomat,
Intrigued they are,
China calls.

Many faceted though you are,
Something for everyone,
Happiness pursued.
China calls.

A land lush with variety,
Some are not wanted,
Others wish to embrace.
China calls.

The Land - China.
Although we leave your shores,
China calls.

Belonging, whether near or far,
Always, our home,
Our Land, China.

14 Oct 10


When, when, when?
The questions never end!

When the time is right,
Be it day or night.

Little girl, little girl,
You make my heart twirl!

Coming, coming,
We are coming.

Now we are four,
But soon no more.

Waiting for Article 5,
Waiting for TA and CA, we 5.

19 Oct 2010

A few days ago Jacque wrote some words "The present she has yet to unwrap, is that of a family of her very own, no more an orphan to be."

This is for Natalie (Gotcha 12-27-10), Star (Gotcha 11-29-10) and all the other children waiting to come home - 

The Gift Yet to Open

Your birthday comes and there are gifts.
      Pretty things, useful things.
Gifts from friends or caretakers, 
      They give happiness, for the moment.
Still something is amiss,
      Tucked away in the corner, nearly hidden,
There sits one giftyet to open.

Picking it up, examining it, turning it over and over.
      There the treasure lies,
It is a family of your own.

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