Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shopping with family

12/9 - After Liu Hua Park, we came back to the island, had lunch and proceeded to go shopping across the road off the island, to the place the group had gone three days earlier.

Then to a central plaza

Not sure what the deal is here - 
he tooted a horn from time to time

Same structure Ellen had her profile picture 
taken in 3 years ago

Returning from successful shopping trip
Suitcase and DVDs

Get your live small scorpions here

Or if you prefer, larger ones

Yum, lizard on a stick.

At Lucy's that night, sitting in a back room, too cool to eat outside, on the wall a map of the United States.  Looking at our homeland, state by state, I started thinking of the families I know in so many of the various states with children home from China and other places.  Without warning the tears formed and fell.  Blessed I am to know so many families across the states and blessed are their children to have forever families.

Thus ended 12/9 - a very full day.


  1. All I can say about the food pics is, UGH.


  2. Know those places well - scorpions - "small ones for soup, big for salad", and glad to see the Chicken Man is still there - he's a snake charmer - there are a couple cobra in in chicken!

    and Lucy's - another commonality - glad that you (like us) are among the customers!

    hugs - Merry Christmas -

    aus and co.