Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Liu Hua Park

Still 12/9, we moved from the temple to Liu Hua Park.  It is near the Marriott in Guangzhou.  One pulls up to the giant poster of Deng Xiaoping, who brought a lot of the China we know today to the forefront.

Moving past that we started a winding walk into this park with a large lake off to our left.  Our guide told us that this used to be the summer palace for some royalty from some past dynasty until the time of the Revolution of 1949 when because of the fighting much of it was destroyed.

Hotel next to lake

Bridge is only structure that remains of palace

Moving on we came upon this sculpture and a photo op.
Christenberry boys, Poppi and Tian. 

A big banyan tree

Moving from one section of the park to another 
we came upon this scene that could be timeless in China.

Then moving out of this area down the street just a bit and into another opening of the park we continued to see the lake some more.

A nearby sculpture

Then we came upon stuff the kids could climb on and pose.

Tian had a lot of fun with the Christenberry children.

Yu-Hsuan taking a picture.

Star watching a little child ride a figure.

Next a group performing Chinese opera

This was followed by exercise park
left to right - Shecki, Kim, Tim

Then at last a roller coaster

A pedal yourself monorail device

Yu-Hsuan, Mr. Bean, Tian

While these pictures may not be in actual order visited in the park, they were all located there and it was a delightful outing.

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