Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shared birthday

This birthday for the girls, December 2nd, the first birthday together and celebrated in the country of their birth - China, the province of their birth - Guangdong.  Tian turned 11 this day and Heng Xin turned 10.  We are so happy to have both girls in our lives.

Brother and sister playing.

Walk about after breakfast.

Art not shared is wasted.
From the men's room at the White Swan.

Christmas tree, White Swan.

The Pearl River.

At the end of day, a shared cake provided by the hotel.
Tian Marie - 11
Heng Xin Star - 10


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday girls! So glad you were all able to celebrate as a family!!

  2. Happy Birthday Tian and Star!! Just beautiful Tim....all of it...your family, the White Swan all decked out for Christmas...beautiful! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Girls!! Wow - a shared birthday - how cool is that - so glad ya'll could celebrate together!

    The Island looks to be in great shape - a year ago (January 2010) it was a mess! So want to go back there some day!

    hugs to all - aus and co.

  4. Happy Birthday to the girls! HOW WONDERFUL to share the day together THERE! So excited for you all! :) Star really looks like she is adjusting well. Hope looks are correct! :) How are mama and baba holdin up?

    Hugs and prayers to the entire family!

  5. what an awesome day to share a birthday! ;) Happy Birthday girls and have a safe trip home!

  6. Happy Birthday, Tian and Star!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!! What a blessing to have them share the day!!

  8. Happy Birthday! The blog looks great!!!! Star is truly that, a STAR!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIAN & STAR! What a special memory for these 2 beautiful sisters! Sharing the same birthday together in their homeland...precious memories for a lifetime!!! Loving the pictures and hearing all about your trip!
    Kim Schrink

  10. So beautiful Tim....there's no words to express the emotions you feel when you look at these pictures. Your children are so very special, and they all look so happy. God Bless your beautiful family! You are all Stars!

  11. Beautiful and Congratulations. I always LOVED the White Swan and the Island. Hope to take the kids back someday.