Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Around the island and Medical Visit - 12/4

Family we met from Spain - their first adoption.
Tian holding their new daughter.

Tian looks like a natural.

The medical visit entails having a child's health checked to make sure they are healthy enough to come to the United States - vision test, looking at their ears, height, weight, blood pressure and TB test.

 Walking with a new instant friend.
The other girl is a year younger than Star.

Families with the same agency 
- from California and Alabama

Star's measurements converted from metric - 47 inches and 51.7 pounds.

Eye Test
a bit different than here 

Let's get our hair styled while we wait. 
Our daughter Tian, stylist Megan Groat.

A new friend

This boy loves this shirt 
and Otis of Milo and Otis.

Chinese opera being sung in a park.
It takes true grit to be able to listen to it.

Walking along side the Pearl River.

Menu item - baked pidgeon

Decorated boats.

Near sunset.

Bridge lit for evening's concert.

Cans of propane strapped to a bicycle.


  1. Welcome home Tim! I've enjoyed following your journey! It was a lot of fun to see some of the Children from Madison's Camp and you did a great of capturing and retelling the real emotion of your time there. Thanks for sharing. Counting the days to get me boy! Myra from Madison!

  2. Awesome trip Tim! You've brought back so many memories!

  3. Looks beautiful. And warm. Hope to be enjoying some of that warm weather soon. And I hope your sweet Star is enjoying her new home.

    Angela from MAA

  4. Morning Tim - it's been great following you guys! We so loved GZ during our trips - and Star looks just wonderful!

    How's the jet lag?

    hugs - aus and co.