Sunday, December 26, 2010

New World

12/11 - We arrived at the Atlanta airport around 7 pm Saturday, 27.5 hours after we got up the same morning in China to head home.  Since we left our vehicle at the hotel we left from 15 days before, we had reserved a suite to spend the night in on our return since there is a fire regulations rule that prevents 5 people, no matter their size, from occupying one hotel room.  We wanted Star to arrive at her new home in daylight hours.

In the hotel by 8 pm, after about freezing waiting on the shuttle, since we had no coats to speak of.  Out for provisions of something besides airline food, our first adventure of Star riding in her car seat.  We had not gone far when I heard Yu-Hsuan say to Star, 'Dad, he drives fast, vroom, vroom'.  Hmm.  Back at the hotel, after fries and what passed for chicken, burgers and what not it was time to hit the pool for those of us so inclined which was everyone save Ellen.

A dip with the children in the indoor pool followed and more importantly the heated one.  It was nice even if we were dead beat - well at least for this adult.  Carrying Star around in the deeper end of the pool (5 feet), she seemed to like it.  Hearing her squeals of delight warms the heart.

Finally back to the room and to bed, all of us more or less worn out.  Star sleeping with Mama and Yu-Hsuan sleeping with me while Tian took the couch in the other room - her choice, so she could watch TV longer.  Up by 4 am and slowly getting ready we left by 8 am Sunday, 12/12 heading home.  A stop in northern Atlanta for breakfast, Star's introduction to Cracker Barrel - aka Southern food.

While we were there, the temperatures kept dropping and it was bitterly cold from what we had been used to in southern China.  Snow started as we left heading on to Chattanooga and by the time we reached our exit, it was coming down heavy.  We arrived home, I made sure the dogs were outside.  Then Ellen went in and took this picture of Star entering her new home.

Her new bedroom.

Experiencing riding piggy back with Baba

Watching a few flakes fall

Brother tickled over something

On to new heights

Decked out in new coat 
(thanks Ladybugsnlove)
Gracie, Star, Yu-Hsuan

A girl has to do her art no matter what

Dreams of China she was and is for me, but for Star, it is now, life in a new world. From my vantage point she is embracing it with open arms, eager to learn, open to what she is presented with, enjoying life like never before.  She still is the bravest person I know and I am blessed to be her baba.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Hope your Christmas was as awesome as the rest of your trip.

  2. It is wonderful to see Star jump right in to her new life! I'm sure it's scary for her, but lovely that she has an adventurous spirit to match your own.


  3. Wonderful, wonderful wrap-up of your trip, Tim!

  4. Beautiful pictures Tim! Merry Christmas!! I'm glad your all back home safe and sound.